Art from the Motion Picture Woman's Story

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Woman's Story is being heralded as an extraordinary film... a stunning filmmaking achievement... with such artistry that it becomes a genuine work of art. The look of the film is much like a great painting.  Critics and writers around the country are calling the film "amazing," "a shining moment," "tremendous," "awesome," “fantastic."  For Gary, the film is indeed an extension of his painting, more representational than his abstracts, as well as articulating a vital social message.  Gary painted forty-five art works in relation to the film and women's themes, most were employed in the art direction, set design, and the visual thematics of the film. 



Los Angeles Times and Variety critic Dale C. Olsen declared, “I found myself engrossed in the human quality of the story. The look of WOMAN'S STORY is much like a great painting. I don't know when in 40 years of being involved with film that I've seen one with such a vivid sense of color and shadings. The classical music score sets exactly the right tone for the profound passion the story delivers. The performance of leading actress Erin Gray was stunning in its honesty and believability."  LINK  to trailer from the film.






Renee Sanpei wrote in Women's Press: “The overall effect of the film was one of feeling elevated by its reverence for life. Hearing the thoughtful dialogue, the pensiveness of the characters and the humor coming of the angst and pain gave me time to digest it all.  It was cathartic watching a woman handle herself with such poise, while she is met with dishonest, heartbreaking and challenging events of her life, not to be further degraded but to gather her strength, retain her warmth and rise above it. The music of Vivaldi complements so well this celebration of the invincible spirit."   LINK to Woman's Story excerpt.


“With WOMAN'S STORY  I was committed to move the film form to a more visual place.  As a painter all my life, I believe that film, at its best, is closer to painting than, let's say, the novel or a play.  Almost every shot, from the very first scene when Laurel, the heroine, is driving to town, relies on visual architectonics and atmosphere to convey the essential story, while underscoring the layered themes with mood and emotion."
"I wanted the close-ups to be portraits and the long shots landscapes as well as the architecture to take on the compositional qualities and textures of paintings.  I also wanted to celebrate all the arts in this film: painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, dance, food and wine."


"WOMAN'S STORY" deals with the central social and cultural themes of our time: how our “consumer-based" society is destroying the family structure and with it a sense of woman's innate value. Today 70% of parents and 79% of children end up in single-parent families. “People have been forced into economic and social decisions that make the family and the quality of life secondary."