O  u  r   S  t  o  r  y

More than forty years ago, Gary and Marian Conway purchased a 19th Century homesteaded ranch west of Paso Robles and six miles from the seacoast art colony of Cambria, within the headlands of stunning Big Sur country.

Gary first beheld the idyllic beauty of this mountain valley aboard a helicopter moments before it crashed. Emerging from the wreckage, Gary dusted himself off and promptly announced to the still stunned real estate broker, "I'm going to buy this place!" 

This is the stuff of legends. (bios)

  The Breathtaking Beauty of Carmody McKnight

Premium Wine Growing Area

Indeed, in the ensuing years this pristine land, now known to lie prominently in the Premium Wine Growing Area of the United States if not the world, has evolved into a legendary vineyard.  Legendary is an understatement as the land was tectonically formed 26-million years ago by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire from out of an inland sea.  From this ultimate power we now find supersoils and wonder soils seen nowhere else on the planet.  The volcano trio, amazingly, exists within the 160-acre property lines, and the natural grapes actually grow in the magma!  Shades of Shangri-La!

This family-farm, administrated for over 30 years by Kathleen Conway, (bio) did not veer off into an impersonal corporate enterprise.  The farmer proprietors/vintners bring deep passions and hands-in-the-earth commitment to the farm, but perhaps more importantly they continue to write in the boldest script the awesome narrative with content rarely advanced in the wine world.  

Challenging the status quo, they have taken us back to the future, revealing the essential nature of superlative vine growing and wine making not dependant on GMO vines that necessitate artificial additives toxically enhanced with chemical formulations.  Carmody McKnight champions Natural Wine.  Natural wine which derives from the world's supreme soils and Premium Growing Area as well as authentic vineplants. (link)

The wine world must not ignore this message.  It is profound.  It is about sustaining quality and redefining classic wine.  It is about basic health and the well-being of each and everyone of us. A votre sante.  For some it will seem surprisingly political; certainly it reveals truths with enormous implications for our economic future.



  Best in the World


 Greatest Array of Rich, Rare Soils and Micronutrients Ever Experienced in a Vineyard

One of the earlier chapters of the Carmody McKnight saga involved the most important scientific studies ever conducted on a vineyard with implications that reach far beyond viticultural maintenance.  Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards was chosen as the only vineyard in the United States to be the subject of an extraordinary joint effort between the State of California, John Deere Global Ag. Services; Motorola, Inc.; Earth Information Technologies, Inc.; and Cal Poly University Earth & Soil Sciences, Food Chemistry, Food Science, Nutrition, as well as Statistical Departments (the studies). 

These decades-long seminal studies concentrated on the vast array of soils never previously observed in one place and employed brand new technology.  The research concentrated on the minerals and micronutrients and their relationship to flavors and quality in wine as well as our overall food supply (gift of the ages).

The implications of flavor, minerals, and our own health could be the most important of all discussion regarding the future health of our economy let alone overcoming what seems a dark destiny of fast-becoming the sickest nation in the industrialized world.

It is observed that Carmody McKnight Estate Wine is unlike any known wine in the world; for, in fact, it is authentic wine and wine making, reflecting true terroir.  It is created as wine has been created and revered for over thousands of years until it all suddenly changed for the convenience of the new Food, Inc., chemically-dependent, fast-food society.  Forty reasons why Carmody McKnight is unmatched in the world! (world's greatest vineyardYou will find almost none of these thirty incredible attributes in any other vineyard area!

Please visit (here) for more chapters of the saga and links to the urgent conversation in the wine world and vital for vineyardists, wine makers, wineries -- big and boutique. It is mandatory information for all of us who want to understand and appreciate the cultural imperative of wine as well as its life and death necessity ~ the resonant chord in its 11,000 year history.

It is well worth a visit to the story of our estate tuscan virgin olive oil and miralce for skin and body LINK and then to the center of the viticultural universe where scholars, scientists, students from leading universities throughout the world continue to visit and study this one-of-a-kind vineyard.  Be sure not to miss sparkling kathleen and vivacity in a bottle!   And for another pleasant diversion art of gary conway  And putting it all together... art and wine art of the vineyard.   Videos please:   link