Nature's Magic for the Skin

Ever since the first viewing of the astounding Big Sur Shangri-la during a helicopter crash and with Gary Conway's vow to buy the ranch if he survived, one wonder story of the land after another manifests to this day.  The tales told to Gary around the homestead fireplace late into the night by the farmer who had lived on the property all his life and leaving at age 95 the following morning sounded to Gary as if they were inspired by magic and wizardry.   He affectionately related to Gary anecdotes about his beloved wife who was known for her magnificent garden, and folks from all over visited the farm to behold. 

When Marian and Gary planted their first garden on the property and applied fertilizer as they were instructed by a gardening expert the garden almost died.  It was dumbfounding.   But they would come to learn that the farm's super volcanic magma soil (from the three volcanoes astonishingly within the property lines) contained more nutrients than ever studied and known previously.  From that point 40 years ago until now the Conway family have never fertilized their gardens, their fruit orchards, the Tuscan olive groves, or their magnificent vineyards.  There is no record of that ever occurring before.

The bottom line in the consummate value of any food and skin product is whether it contains an unlimited abundance of macro, micronutrients and trace elements.  The answer is usually a resounding no.  This enchanted land contains all the natural earth wonders, many unique to this land, to provide the most effective and profound health food and cosmetic line ever conceived.  It is a supreme gift of nature for our body and spirit, and you must visit the prodigious land to witness.  It cannot be stated with greater resolve or urgency that every organic constituent used in our comestibles or skin applications derive directly from this land itself and not one added chemical or unnatural process of any kind is employed in its assembling.  Every superior value of the wondrous ingredients is attested to by university directed research and evidence.

Wonder food for the skin.  From the wonder land of Big Sur Shangri-la!

Over the decades esteemed scientific investigations have proven that whether it be the purest non-GMO wine or Tuscan olive oil, whatever is grown in the vineyards, orchards or gardens at Carmody McKnight is the healthiest, nutrient-rich of  foods or drink or skin applications.

In combinations the products of this wondrous earth provide the maximum organic density of macronutrients, micronutrients, trace elements, powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CAC) in existence.  CAC eliminates toxins more effectively than any other substance.  All these components derive from the richest and most profoundly studied land in the world ~ a land of three volcanoes ~ Big Sur Shangri-La. 

Our Organic Oath

Our Big Sur Shangri-La is committed to a holistic synergy with our skin and body products encompassing health, beauty, environmental, and strong social ethics underscored with allegiance to green and clean.

Our emphasis is placed on the sourcing of ingredients and the organic and unimpeachable scientific proof of the nutrient values of that source.

We pledge full knowledge of where our organic pure products derive and whether they were grown sustainably in its full meaning.  We will always evidence the proof (from third party scientific organizations -- universities, etc.) that the sustaining soils are extraordinarily rich with macro and micronutrients (and never fertilized with petro chemicals or treated with fungicides), and that they are not devoid of minerals typical of the depleted soils that plague this country.

We grow and offer many natural ingredients proven to be unexcelled in organic, nutrient abundance and advantages, and astonishingly... nearly impossible to find anywhere else!

Shangri-la is GMO-free

Big Sur Shangri-La includes a renowned 160-acre vineyard, Tuscan olive oil and fruit orchards, and a natural food farm with an unprecedented agricultural history.  To begin with, the land resides in the most viticulturally perfect place on earth. The non-GMO vines and non-GMO Tuscan olive trees nourish in the magma of three volcanoes, and they have never needed fertilization in 37 years! 

Magma-derived.   Yes, hard to believe, but correct ~ the magma from a trio of volcanoes begins a stunning list of attributes no other vineyard or agricultural land in the world is known to possess. These facts have been determined by leading international earth scientists, after decades of university and governmental research, based on the unique qualities of this land.

Carmody McKnight’s supreme-natural ingredients all originate from the richest earth known with natural nutrients nearly impossible to match.  The bottom line in the value of any skin care application (like food) is whether it contains an unlimited abundance of natural (meaning from the earth not the lab) major minerals and trace elements.

This enchanted land contains all the natural earth wonders, many unique to this mountain valley, to provide the most effective and profound health-oriented foods and skin food.  They are a supreme gift of nature for the body and spirit, and you must visit the prodigious land to witness it all for yourself.  

Miracle Magma, Directly from The Earth's Mantle and Super Organic!

Magma, directly and "non-stop," from earth's mantle!   This is the rarest land which encompasses three volcanoes and all the minerals in the universe, in their most natural form within the property lines!  This phenomenon exists in no other agricultural property. 

Some minerals are created when saltwater on earth's surface evaporates.  Others form when mixtures of hot molten rock cools to magma in volcanic intrusion as here.  The magma macronutrients, micronutrients, trace elements ~ all the minerals known in the cosmos derive from the mantle ~ the center of the earth, the center of life. 

No unnatural processing.  From the mantle of the earth all the essential health wonders in the universe!  Magma pure.   Even non-magma soils physically and chemically filter impurities out of water.  Magma is the ultimate purification especially for the skin.   The magma from Carmody McKnight’s three volcanoes contains over 60 micro, macro, and trace minerals vital to support superior metabolic functions.  These positively charged colloids are interposed inside tiny negatively charged platelets.  They are abundant and bio-available in a protected form.

The magma inspiration.  Most significantly our magma does not originate from some far-off place.  It is here in the vineyard for all to experience and to behold.   The magma and volcanoes have been an inspiration for the decades-long pioneering studies on this property.  These were the most important scientific studies and research ever conducted on a vineyard or any agricultural land with implications for our health and well-being that reach far beyond viticultural maintenance. 

The skin benefits of true magma and the rich ore and mineral deposits deriving directly from a volcano have long been heralded.   Magma derived skin applications are unrivaled for skin health due to the powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast and overall disinfectant qualities.  Volcanic magma is a prodigious natural skin purifier.  Not only is it the richest known in pure minerals, its exfoliating properties are ideal for removing the dead outer layers of skin as it cleanses the skin in the process. 


These decades-long seminal studies concentrated on the vast array of soils never previously observed in one place and employed brand new technology to gain this incredible knowledge.  The research concentrated on the minerals and micronutrients and their relationship to flavors and quality in wine as well as our overall food supply.  But most importantly the implications for our health, for our bodies and our skin are profound.


Magma is the supreme power player of this vineyard property.  This is a unique land which encompasses three volcanoes and all the minerals in the universe (in their natural form) and within the property lines.  This phenomenon exists in no other ag property. 


The magma from our three volcanoes contains over 60 micro, macro, and trace minerals vital to support superior metabolic functions. These positively charged colloids are interposed inside tiny negatively charged platelets.  They are abundant and bio-available in a protected form.


One of these minerals is silica, an incredible and vital mineral that most people don’t consume nearly enough.  Silica is the power mineral for your hair, teeth, bones, skin and all your connective tissue. Without ample silica, skin ages prematurely. Every cell of the body is coated in silica.  Silica is a vital immune booster.  Silica is a natural potent anti-inflammatory.


The Carmody McKnight vineyard possesses a prolific artesian well with an unparalleled array of minerals and nutrients as determined by the noteworthy university research.  It is the only known artesian well that actually exists within the crater of a volcano – far more relevant for human health than simply “volcanic” which is a vague term at best. The waters consist of an abundance of silica (also a powerful antioxidant) which is difficult to obtain outside of well waters. The Carmody McKnight artesian well contains the highest known in silicic acid (oxygenated silica) which has become one of the most vital and sought-after combatants against many prevalent serious diseases.


Black Limestone. Carmody McKnight possesses a one of a kind soil named by scientists as black limestone, more copious than limestone, and not known to exist anywhere else.  Nature’s art at work!


Sulfur Synthesis.  Magma is the reservoir for all the minerals on and in the earth and not only aids the body to effectively resist bacteria but actually destroys it.  Magma contains generous amounts of natural sulfur.  Adequate sulfur slows down the aging process because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation. 




Magma-attained sulfur also:

  • aids the oxidation reactions in the body
  • protects the protoplasm of cells
  • extremely effective for the synthesis of Collagen (one of the main

       proteins needed for the structural integrity of your skin).


Adjoining the Magma Is the Ultimate "Earth Healer" ~ Calcium Montmorillonite

Calcium Montmorillonite, the miracle earth, is also known as ”living clay” for it possesses the greatest abundance of natural minerals that enhance the essential production of enzymes in all living organisms.   It is a revered as a detoxifying agent and abundant in natural nutrients, originating from volcanic activity (with the resultant magma) intermixed with calcareous (limestone).

This amazing compound is richly deposited in only a few places in the world.  In the book Terroir by James E. Wilson states that calcium montmorillonite is “characterized by its incredible cation-exchange capacity.  This quality is vital to life functioning besides providing abundant nutrients it neutralize toxic chemicals.”   There is only one other source in California of Calcium Montmorillonite, and it is a mine in the middle of the state and not on the surface and readily available as on this property.

Calcium Montmorillonite also called "healing clay" has been used by indigenous cultures and healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent and for the skin especially, for it consists of an abundance of multi-minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Nothing can be more wondrous for the skin and the most effective method of natural detoxification for the entire body, the skin being our biggest organ and most important protective barrier.


Calcium Montmorillonite is measured by its Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) which is nature's way to naturally adsorb toxins and this has been well established and studied and described by science.   Pure calcium montmorillonite in particular has both absorptive and adsorptive properties that allow it to be extraordinary successful at cleansing the body during natural detoxification. 



The Discovery of A “Super Calcium Montmorillonite” Incomparable in Its

Purity and Detoxification and The Only Deposit on Earth


Super calcium montmorillonite was discovered in the Carmody McKnight estate vineyard in Paso Robles, CA.  Super calcium montmorillonite is unparalleled as a food supplement with nutrients and trace elements derived directly from the earth and "guaranteed by mother nature!"  The following was the press release from the university studies.


(Paso Robles, CA) – June 5, 2011… The Discovery of a “Wonder Soil” In the latest university studies centered on Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards & Winery (a series of seminal research projects which Cal Poly State University, SLO, in conjunction with other institutions including John Deere & Co. and the SoilTopo, LLC, launched 17 years ago) a stunning discovery has occurred – the discovery of a new “wonder soil” found nowhere else on the planet.





Over 25,000 USDA soil series reviews were conducted and not one single match was found. The soil is yet to be named, but it is indeed wondrous with attributes unparalleled.  The discovery happened on long-studied, leading-edge vineyards located in the Paso Robles Appellation.


This “wonder soil” classifies into the “smectite” mineralogy class by the USDA soil taxonomy. The predominate clay particles are calcium montmorillonite.  It is rare to find any similar soil, which is this shallow in relation to the weathered igneous (volcanic) bedrock. 


This revelation occurred during the most recent Cal Poly, SLO soil mapping project, conducted on Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards & Winery and led by Thomas J. Rice, Ph.D., C.P.S.S.  It ultimately required comparing this unique soil with over 25,000 USDA soil series worldwide and no comparable soil was found! 


This “wonder soil” possesses an extraordinary balance of macronutrient (Ca, Mg, P, S, N and K) and micronutrient (Fe, Mn, Cu, etc.) contents. Significantly, it is notable for its extremely high cation exchange capacity (CEC), virtually a sponge for nutrients and water. The remarkably high CEC results from the favorably elevated organic matter and smectite levels in this soil. The CEC complex in the soil retains a widest array of cationic nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, etc.). 


This newly discovered soil highlights montmorillonite’s character as a powerful adsorptive for heavy metals, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals. The antibacterial effects are also well established.  In addition to being a plant nutrient reservoir, the soil provides a protective detoxifying environment for many applications.


It is rare to find any calcium montmorillonite, which is this shallow in relation to the weathered igneous (volcanic) bedrock.  This “wonder clay” possesses an extraordinary balance of macronutrient (Ca, Mg, P, S, N and K) and micronutrient (Fe, Mn, Cu, etc.) contents.  Significantly, it is notable for its extremely high cation exchange capacity (CEC), virtually a sponge for nutrients and water. The remarkably high CEC results from the favorably elevated organic matter and smectite levels in this soil. The CEC complex in the soil retains a widest array of cationic nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, etc.). 


Our Super Calcium Montmorillonite addresses rough skin and deep clogged pores and most all skin issues to provide a smooth complexion with skin texture appearing refined and clear.  This organic, no-lab chemical facial pore-cleansing removes dead cells and oil with perfect efficiency.  Not only will skin feel as though it can breathe, it will be healthy appearing with a beautiful natural glow.



Pure Estate Ultra Organic Tuscan Olive Oil


Olive oil was called “liquid gold” by ancient Greek poet Homer.  In fact, this moisturizing and antioxidant-rich oil was a common skin care ingredient used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. Today, we’ve rediscovered the benefits of olive leaves and olive oil not only for optimum health but also in skin care.   Our Estate Tuscan Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil which won the gold at the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in 2010, the largest in the world, is authentic olive oil and REAL extra virgin which makes it rare and extraordinary.  



Moisturizes: Olive oil contains linoleic acid that helps moisturize in the most effective and natural manner. Because of its unique ability to mix with water, it helps skin moisturize without clogging pores. This makes it a wonderful hydrator for all types of skin, even very sensitive, and skin that may be prone to clogged pores.  It combines well in cleansers to help leave pores clear and skin feeling soft and nourished.

Oleocanthal:   Virgin olive oil is credited as being the key healthful component of the Mediterranean diet.  Mediterranean populations experience reduced incidence of chronic inflammatory disease states and Virgin olive oil is readily consumed and applied to the skin and hair as part of an everyday diet and wellness pattern.  A phenolic compound contained in virgin olive oil, named oleocanthal, shares unique perceptual and anti-inflammatory characteristics with Ibuprofen.  

Over recent years oleocanthal has become of special interest in the search for naturally occurring compounds with great pharmacological qualities. Subsequent to its discovery and identification, oleocanthal has been reported to exhibit various modes of action in reducing inflammatory related disease, including joint-degenerative disease, neuro-degenerative disease and specific cancers.



New Medical Studies Confirm the Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory

Discovered to Date ~ Hydroxytyrosol.  Only found in Olive Oil


Beyond oleocanthal as an ideal antioxidant, newly identified hydroxytyrosol may be even more profound.  It is one of the key active ingredients in the olive that is largely responsible for the olive's extraordinary health benefits.  Hydroxytyrosol is a natural phytochemical with the highest antioxidant properties discovered to date.

Hydroxytyrosol has an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity ~ its ability to absorb cell-damaging free radicals) of 68,576 ~ which is considered to be 15 times higher than green tea and 3 times higher than CoQ10.  A small molecule rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues, hydroxytyrosol is also able to cross the blood-brain barrier, supporting systemic defense against free radical damage.

Hydroxytyrosol is the superstar of antioxidants. It is not well-known yet because its discovery, and extensive studies of its properties, are so recent. Yet hydroxytyrosol is already being recognized by scientists for its powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and cardioprotective properties. 

What's So Special About Hydroxytyrosol?

Hydroxytyrosol is primarily found in the olive ~ its fruit, leaves and pulp. It was first discovered and extracted from the wastewater that resulted when green olives were rinsed in the process of making olive oil.   For decades olive oil has been known for its many healthy properties. It has long been noted that Mediterranean countries have lower rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer than other Western countries. And since the most characteristic element of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, researchers began studying it, looking for the compound that was responsible for the anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects. 


Traditionally, the benefits of olive oil have been ascribed to its oleic acid content.  However, other foods like pork and chicken are also rich in oleic acid but do not provide the same cardiovascular protection as olive oil. So, scientists began to search for other properties of olive oil that might be responsible for its health-promoting effects. 

That's when they found hydroxytyrosol ~ the polyphenol thought to be responsible for olive oil's anti-inflammatory effects. Its ability to absorb free radicals and protect cells and mitochondria from damage is quite impressive.     



Hydroxytyrosol Boasts the Highest Level of Free Radical Absorption Activity Ever Reported for A Natural Antioxidant.

Hydroxytyrosol has some other very special characteristics that contribute to its extraordinary effectiveness. 

  • Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues, where it can perform its free radical scavenging

• The only phenol that can cross the blood-brain barrier, which allows it to also absorb free

    radicals throughout the central nervous system.
• A metabolite of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which means it may play a role in neuroprotection.
• Both fat and water soluble, giving it the highest bioavailability of any antioxidant.


The Science Behind Hydroxytyrosol

In numerous human, animal and in vitro studies, hydroxytyrosol has been shown to:

  • Reduce markers/indicators of inflammation including IL-10, PEG-1, C-reactive protein, COX-2, TNF-a,

   iNOS and others.
• Support healthy mitochondrial function and significantly increase ATP energy production.
• Improve the quality of life for osteoporosis patients.
• Promote significant and rapid reductions in LDL or 'bad' cholesterol. 
• Boost eye health and reduce the risk of macular degeneration.
• Have a therapeutic effect on the cardiovascular system.  Additional research shows that

   hydroxytyrosol holds great promise for the widest variety of potential health benefits.


Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful natural antioxidant currently known and superb for skin health and radiance. Well-documented studies confirm its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and cardioprotective health benefits.  Although still relatively new to most people, hydroxytyrosol promises to soon become a primary staple in natural health care. 









First to Plant the Tuscan Olive Tree

The Conway family were the first to plant the Tuscan varietals on the Central Coast (with the varietals Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Coratina).  Along with the original source of their cuttings, the Conways were the first in all California.

The Fraud.  The vast majority of extra virgin olive oil purchased in the stores is counterfeit and which is unconscionable.   Forbes: calls it "The Scam of Olive Oil."  NPR, New Yorker, 60 Minutes have covered the scandal.  New York Times: “Much of the extra virgin Italian olive oil flooding the world’s market shelves is neither Italian, nor virgin.” the New York Times warns. "So, unless you bought it directly from a producer or a certified distributor, the olive oil in your kitchen marked 'Italian extra virgin' is very probably a fake.  Either it’s low quality falsely marked as virgin or extra-virgin – and not even from Italy – or it’s been mixed with other oils of dubious provenance.  At worst, it’s not olive oil at all but a vegetable oil disguised with coloring and aroma."


Same with cosmetics.  Any company using olive oil (as with all their ingredients) must prove where it comes from, authenticate how it was obtained or consider it dubious if not detrimental for the skin and body.

Virgin Olive Oil is the only oil made by simply pressing the fruit.  No refining, heating, extracting, use of chemicals or other processes; just cold (no heat applied) pressing of the olives.  Every other oil (including regular olive oil) goes through a refining process using high heat and chemicals to extract the oil.  Unlike our estate extra virgin olive so many of the oils used on skin are extracted using solvents like hexane, a component of gasoline. In addition to being highly processed, these oils promote inflammation as a result of their very high omega-6 fatty acid content.  Coconut oil, as an example, is produced by prolonged boiling and pressed with solvents, very harmful for the skin.  The fat in coconut oil is 92% artery-clogging saturated fat.

Olive Leaves and Olive Leaf Extract

The super organic leaves of the olive tree which like the olive has extraordinary health benefits especially for the skin, including the potential to boost the immune system and to fight off harmful bacteria. Clinical trials have shown olive leaf extract as having potential in the treatment of viral diseases like herpes, pneumonia, the flu, and shingles. Both the leaves and the extract are also exceptionally rich in antioxidants. Olive oil and olive leaves have numerous superior benefits to skin. 

Protects.  Olive leaves and olive oil have several different antioxidants, all of which help protect from environmental stressors. Olive oil also has an abundance of vitamin A and E.  Olive leaves contain several beneficial flavonoids, including quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol.  When the olive tree is planted in the most organically powerful soils on earth the olive oil and its extraordinary components for skin health and personal wellness becomes unparalleled and pre-eminent.



Vitis Vinifera the Mediterranean Secret of Life

Grape Leaves are a most effective anti-inflammatory agent… working to eliminate chronic inflammation, even through the skin, that causes heart disease, cancer, and other debilitating diseases.

Grape Leaves contain stilbene synthase which is an enzyme that helps create resveratrol in the body.  Grape Leaves also includes powerful resveratrol too.  Grape Leaves contain generous amounts of Omega 3 Fatty acids like fish, and some Omega 6 fatty acids too.  Science has shown that ingredients high in Omega 3 acids result in a lower probability of heart disease, strokes, arthritis, and even prostate, breast, and colon cancer.  Grape Leaves in studies contain a natural chemical that keeps plaques from forming in the brain thus helping to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Grape Leaves are especially effective for the skin because they contain loads of Vitamin E, polyphenols, and other natural ingredients that prevent age-related lines and dry skin, and enhance fresh and glowing skin.  Grape Leaves contain an abundance of antioxidants that bind up free radicals helping to slow the aging process and also prevent diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

The leaves from Carmody McKnight, non-GMO 40-year, deep-rooted, non-GMO, super-natural vines, exceedingly rare, are planted in the organically consummate soils that have been researched and tested for their unmatched nutrient power for decades and earth scientists have found that our vitis vinifera are nutrient gold mines.  The implications for skin health and personal wellness is beyond extraordinary.

Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol from the Skin of the Grape in Harmony with Natural Red Wines -- particularly non-GMO authentic red wines which are packed with antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol, and tannins, consummate for the care and health of skin.  This fact has been proven to be so over the centuries. Wine grapes help fight free radicals and ageing by restoring collagen and elastic fibers.  But this is not true with the overwhelming majority of wine today – factory wine -- starting with dangerous fungicides in the vineyards that end up in the bottle and then the hundreds of toxic chemicals (the public never alerted!) attempting to provide fake flavors during the manufacturing.  Anything less than the pure, non-GMO grape is an unconscionable onslaught on the skin and our health.

Scientists, especially dermatologists, understand that resveratrol, a major component in wine (from the skin of grapes), is responsible for the health and longevity of many Europeans and is an especially powerful antioxidant.  Resveratrol is valuable for treating sun damage and the effects of aging, as well as many other attacks on the skin.  The polyphenols that are common in wine are also effective for aging and inflammation.  They are known to fight free radicals and decrease the risk of cancer among other attributes.  Polyphenols have recently been termed “lifespan essentials,” and they actively work in the body to prevent certain disease mechanisms from occurring.

Wines also contain natural AHAs, antiseptic and strong anti-inflammatory properties. The application of red wine directly on the face fights acne and clears the pores to prevent further breakouts.  It also treats oily and congested skin.






Red wine is very rich in amino acids that boosts skin renewal and fights the harmful rays of the sun. The antioxidants in grape-pure red wine (not factory wine!) create a protective barrier against sun damage to prevent skin cancer.   Wine improves the hydration of the skin, making it look younger, supple and glowing.   It has long been known that if you have dry skin, massaging the face with red wine keeps it nourished and moisturized.

Besides a face massage, applying by way of a mask with an ingredient mix including a generous amount of non-GMO, non-added chemical red wine will result in a clear, radiant skin. The polyphenols in wine prevent cell oxidation and transform a dull complexion to its original glow.   Wine removes the dead skin cells to give one luminous skin naturally.

Red wine, in the cosmetic blend, is effective as a toner keeping skin soft and supple and even helps lighten skin tone.  During a treatment, applying a few drops of red wine directly on cheeks results in a natural, rosy blush.





Farming Algae in Our Mineral Lakes

Algae.  Algae is among the oldest life forms and the world's first superfood and one of the most nutrient-rich.  There are many studies concluding that algae is a consummate natural source for cosmetic applications and all-around superior health benefits.  For one, algae stabilizes minerals that aid in skin moisturization.  Algae provides all-around effective skin care and especially anti-acne properties without the irritation of over the counter drugs.  And some algae helps with skin clearing and freshening and even lightening or eliminating dark spots.

Algae is a hot topic lately in the cosmetics ingredient world.  "Heliae Development" gained attention announcing it would be using its cutting-edge algae harvesting technology towards branding its own health and beauty products. 

Carmody McKnight algae, farmed on site, results in maximum organic nutrient density.  The algae is nourished by the most nutrient rich waters that have been researched and tested, and abundant in calcium montmorillonite seeping into the waters of our algae farming lakes, providing a mineral feast... which could not be better for the skin and body.

Worth Its Weight in Green Gold.  Algae has remained in the specialty market for several reasons.  The problem of production is chief among them, While the algae grow easily in small scales, larger issues arise when grown at commercial scales.   Microalgae are microscopic and producing enough of them can be a complex and expensive process.

The problem lies in growing high enough concentrations. More light equals more growth, but more growth can result in "self shading," where concentrations get so dense that some algae block the light of others.  In Big Sur Shangri-la... the inevitable future of algae is green gold.               


                                Wonder foods for the skin and body.

        From the wonder land of Shangri-la!


Other Plant Derived Natural Power Ingredients

All Nourishing in The Magma and Calcium Montmorillonite.  None Ever Fertilized!



The jasmine flower is used for medicines.  Jasmine has been found effective for liver disease -- hepatitiscirrhosis, and cancers.   Jasmine is also beneficial to induce relaxation (as a sedative), to heighten sexual desire (as an aphrodisiac).   Flowers of jasmine have a seductive aroma and have had a classic place in effective cosmetics.  But jasmine enhance beauty in multiple ways. Jasmine has special properties that keeps skin moisturized for long periods.  








The nutrients of rosemary protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals. Since rosemary has natural antiseptic properties, it's a superior disinfectant for skin and hair. In fact, this essential oil is known to promote a healthy, moisturized scalp and reverse premature graying.  Rosemary is a vital partner in cosmetic applications.



The health benefits of lavender include its ability to eliminate tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. The Latin name of lavender is lavare, which means “to wash,” due to its particularly pleasant aroma and health benefits.  It is almost essential in any bath product.


rose petals

The natural oils in rose petals trap moisture into skin cells, hydrating and moisturizing them. To make a hydrating rose face mask, blend 1/4 cup of dried rose petals with 2 tbsp of raw honey.  Apply this paste onto your skin. Wait for 15 minutes for the mask to penetrate deep into your skin pores. Flavor reminiscent of strawberries and green apples. Sweet, with subtle undertones ranging from fruit to mint to spice.  All roses are edible, with the flavor being more pronounced in the darker varieties. Miniature varieties can garnish ice cream and desserts, or larger petals can be sprinkled on salads.


estate vinegar from estate grapes

Vinegar acts as an astringent for oily skin and helps to reduce redness making the face smooth and glowing. Vinegar maintains the pH balance of the skin.  Cures irritated skin or insect bites and dry and cracked heels:  Vinegar works effectively in curing dry skin problems. Using vinegar is a great way to naturally treat and get rid of black heads. Vinegar acts as a great lightening agent for the skin. It is extremely effective in treating age related dark spots and other pigmentation issues.


figs and fig leaves

A rich source of skin-friendly minerals and vitamins help in rendering a rejuvenated and refreshed skin and overall health. Figs provide very high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and helps to keep the skin moisturized and well-conditioned.  Figs and fig leaves treat more serious skin conditions like inflammations, boils, and abscess. Apply fig paste on the skin to tighten the pores and control excess sebum secretion.

The high-water content in figs helps to flush the toxins and waste from the body, preventing pimples and acne.  It also treats eczema and psoriasis, providing a healthy and glowing skin. Application of fig extracts on the face helps to transport nutrients into the dermal layers of the skin, replenishing it from within.   The high levels of vitamin C in figs can help to lighten and even-out the skin tone.  The peels of figs contain several active enzymes which can be used as an exfoliating agent to remove dead cells from the skin.











Carmody McKnight Herbs, as Every Ingredient Deriving from this Farmland, Shares in the most Scientifically Profound Studies at The Highest and Most Respected Levels of Research Standards



Carmody McKnight Organic Herbs for Skin and Health


  1. Lemongrass: Due to this herb’s natural, antibacterial and astringent properties it is very effective in skincare for acne and other skin problems. It is milder than chemical ingredients, but is powerful and special care required for sensitive skin. Aromatherapy benefits include tension relief and invigoration.


  1. Sage: Sage is a potent antibacterial and antifungal substance making it also helpful for acne prone skin types. Sage is also high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory which helps to prevent premature aging and foster glowing, youthful skin. Wonderful and healthy in salads.


  1. Mint: Mint is an effectual antiseptic, antipruritic (relieves itching), and reduces swelling with proper application, Mint cleanses and calms blemishes and a gift for the skin in many ways especially with its curing properties. Anther salad enhancer.


  1. Basil: This Caprese salad essential is also an effective skin tone booster. Basil’s zestiness revs up dull looking skin and hair and possesses all around health benefits for the body.


  1. Calendula: This herb performs double duty. In a hair rinses, calendula brings out golden highlights and shines the hair. It is also a feast for the skin, used externally in salves, creams, and ointments, calendula can help heal irritations such as rashes, insect bites, and sunburns.


  1. Bay: The leaves of this herb help stimulate hair growth. Fatty oil extractions from the fruits are used effectively in many skin-care products and shampoos.


  1. Gotu Kola: Gotu kola speeds up the formation of collagen while reducing the formation of scar tissue because of its anti-inflammatory agents known as glucosides. It's been shown to be helpful in the treatment of varicose veins. Gotu Kola has been called "the fountain of life" because it is an Ayurvedic herb which increases mental clarity and imparts long life.


More Factors That Make Carmody McKnight Unique


  • Our healing wonder clay exists nowhere else.
  • Our olive leaf extract grown in unique combination of soils found in no other place on earth.
  • "Three-Volcano Magma," a rare phenomenon, intensifies natural skin healing minerals.
  • The iron in our products is the most unusual observed with a color discovered in a university lab of bright, bright orange reflecting strong properties.
  • Our rarest of all manganese is fuchsia pink in color and its rarity discovered by a leading earth scientist after years of research. Manganese keeps skin strong and maintains the skin’s collagen levels. Without ample manganese, the chain reaction of collagen creation is cut off, leaving skin deprived of proteins and weaker. Collagen is vital for acne and other skin problems because it’s the number one structural protein in your skin.   




And these are only a few.  A toxic explosion of chemicals took over the cosmetic field and all food.  The average US woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing 168 different chemicals.  While most men use fewer products, they’re still exposed to about 85 such chemicals daily.


Almost 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics.  Only about 10 percent have been evaluated for safety.  13,000!  Lab-created chemicals!  Although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the authority to regulate harmful ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, they don't often exercise it.


Further, cosmetics can come on the market without any type of approval necessary. Only after a product is deemed to be harmful, adulterated, or misbranded can the FDA take regulatory action.  All our products can be "visited" in their natural organic state nourishing in the most prolific growing conditions known. 




Dual University Charts.   Prepared by the Soil Science Department of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, and UC Davis, these charts contrast earth-derived nutrients, found in the Carmody McKnight Vineyards, never having fertilized in 37 years, (top chart) with the most nutrients previously found depicted in the bottom chart (Winkler et al).


What is important and revealing about these university charts is that the bottom chart, depicting the most nutrients found, represents the overwhelming majority of the farm lands in California and most of the United States -- barren soils and almost completely depleted of nutrients. 


The two spikes -- K & N -- derive unfortunately from petro-chemical fertilization which is doing its part in destroying health-supporting soil and promoting climate change and destructive climate disruption.   The fruit and vegetables that we eat in this country are victims of this alarming lack of nutrients in our farmlands. 




Where Is the Evidence? The problem with skin and body health food formulas that claim abundant vegetable and fruit sources, there is almost never evidence of natural macro, micro, and trace elements in their agricultural sources. 


We must always know and proven by respected and authoritative third-party analysis the true nature of our soils.  It is essential to any value judgment of any health or skin product. There is almost nothing in our society that is more crucial.  


As skin matures, it’s gradually depleted of essential nutrients.  Additionally, years of environmental and dietary damage cause skin to become dull, blemished, and less resilient.  The skin takes on the major burden of living in a lab derived chemical culture.  Eighty-four thousand chemicals are commercially legal in the US, all essentially unregulated.  “Put into American food and products each year without safety testing, generating more than $900 billion in profits for the chemical industry, contributing to cancer, reproductive abnormalities, and a host of other endocrine, neurological, and metabolic problems.”  LINK   Spending on prescription medicines (chemicals) in the United States alone will reach $610 billion to combat the assault of the 84,000 chemicals in our foods and products. LINK


Milken Institute School of Public Health: "Thousands of chemicals, for which little is known about their health effects, go into making cosmetic products used by most Americans every day. The health impacts of toxic chemicals have likely been underestimated since most studies focus on the effects of one chemical at a time even though people come in contact with multiple chemicals every day."


The Guardian:  "According to new research by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group, between cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products and feminine hygiene products, women in the US apply an average of 168 chemicals to their faces and bodies every day."



Oral Nutrition vs. Topical Supplementation

Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute

Micronutrient Information Center


"The architecture of skin deserves special consideration regarding nutrition. The epidermal layers of the skin do not contain blood vessels that supply the cells with nutrients; blood vessels are found only in the dermis. Additionally, as the epidermis develops, its unique protein and lipid structure (the aforementioned “bricks and mortar” model) prevents the circulation of extracellular fluids. Therefore, the outer layers of the epidermis are provided with less nutritional support than the underlying cells. Dietary interventions to affect skin health may be limited in effect and slow to occur.


Unique among organs, the skin may be directly affected using topical applications. The stratum corneum prevents the passage of many different types of molecules, but some compounds pass through to the underlying layers. In general, uncharged or lipid-soluble molecules pass through the epidermis and may also penetrate the dermis. Concentrations of nutrients in the skin may be comparable to that achieved through oral ingestion. Yet, topical application may be a more efficient, targeted method for supplying nutrients to the skin, especially to the epidermis."




Skin: How to Care for Our Largest Organ

Deborah Burnes author of ‘Look Great Live Green’

What’s the big deal about skin?  Every gust of wind, cough and blast from an exhaust pipe hits our skin first. Biologically, our skin is our first line of defense. Culturally, skin defines much of our standard for beauty. Bright, youthful skin signals healthy and vitality. And, like every part of our bodies, skin responds to care and attention. Proper treatment can revitalize skin and slow the aging process, keeping skin healthier, longer.

Our skin holds our bodies together, shielding us from the outside world. It is our protective covering, our first barrier to fight illness and disease, and a passageway to our bloodstream. Our skin works so well that it’s easy to take skin for granted. But the difference between neglected and pampered skin is incredible — once you experience the joy of supple, breathable skin, you’ll be hooked. Your whole-body functions more smoothly when your skin doesn’t have to fight to perform its natural function.

Skin covers about 18 square feet of the human body. It is composed of two main layers: the epidermis (outer) and the dermis (inner). The cells in the epidermis are continually replaced with cells produced in its bottom layer. This process slows as we age.  Exfoliating dead skin cells helps speed up the process, promoting youthful skin. The dermis contains nerve endings, sweat glands, hair follicles, and blood vessels. Together, these two layers provide us with protection and comfort.

Simply put, healthy skin is vital for our survival both emotionally and physically. To boost these capabilities, we need to understand its role and importance in our overall health and learn how to better care for our skin. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our body; both affect the well being of our entire body (skin included!). The next time you slather on that chemical laden lotion or soak in a toxic tub, remember that your skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it. Here is a closer look at how much we rely on our skin:

Protective Barrier

The skin defends from a plethora of harmful things each day. On top of that, skin is a protective barrier that helps preserve our internal fluids and organs. With everything from chemicals in the skin care products we slather on, environmental toxins and pollutants, harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogens, antigens and UV radiation attacking it, skin needs to be in tip top shape to ward off illness and keep us healthy.

Removing waste

Skin is a passageway that rids our body of toxins and helps prevent chemical and waste build-up. Clean pores enable your body to expel waste; keeping your pores clean provides a clear exit strategy for all kinds of yucky toxins that accumulate in our bodies. Pores that are congested and blocked with chemicals and pollutants prevent skin from functioning properly and removing toxins.

Continual epidermal shedding also aids in removal of pathogens that may have colonized the skin. Excellent hygiene aids epidermal shedding, ensuring that your skin can function properly to remove pathogens.



Protection from injury

Our skin provides the first signal to our brain that we’re being hurt. This signal helps us react quickly to prevent a worse injury. When we feel the heat of a fire, we’re careful not to get too close. When we feel the pressure of sharp object, we move away to avoid being impaled. Keeping skin healthy increases the sensitivity to outside threats, which enables our bodies to react more quickly to dangerous situations.

Diagnostic tool

The skin is a barometer for overall health. Early warning signs of many diseases manifest themselves on the skin, providing practitioners with invaluable diagnostic information.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to our immune system. With proper sun exposure, skin plays a large role in manufacturing Vitamin D.


Skin is the body’s natural heating and air conditioning system. It regulates our temperature, helping us prevent overheating and freezing by maintaining consistent inner body temperature regardless of the outside temperature. In cold weather, skin constricts and forms goose bumps; small hairs raise to trap the warmth emanating from our bodies, conserving our energy. In the heat, our skin relaxes and sweat flows freely through our pores.

Evaporation of sweat (changing from a liquid to a gas) absorbs heat energy. This process cools the surface of our skin. Again, healthy skin is the key to making sure these processes function smoothly and efficiently.

Natural anti-bacterial

Our oil glands secrete oil that contains bacteria to fight off disease. Harsh chemicals, soaps and skin care products that deplete our bodies’ natural protective oils demolish this natural defense strategy.


Touch is one the most meaningful ways we connect to other people. From a first handshake, to a warm hug, touch helps us greet loved ones and communicate support. In times of grief, touch can be incredibly comforting and stabilizing. In times of joy, touch communicates an infections sense of excitement and elation. Touch is also a gateway to arousal and sexual pleasure. It’s difficult to overestimate the depth of emotion conveyed through simple touches.





Who we are

So much of how we feel about ourselves is wrapped up in our appearance. Not only does our skin hold our body together, it also holds our emotions together. Those of us who suffer from or treat skin ailments such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis and eczema, understand the emotional as well as physical effect skin has on our wellbeing.

Blemished skin can make us often depressed, unwilling to leave our homes and be around others.  Of course, most of us could benefit from a shot of self-confidence about our appearance, but the truth is, this kind of confidence comes from within. That said, there are many natural methods to combat the maladies listed above as well as maintain healthy skin and slow the aging process.  Invest in your skin to boost your overall physical and emotional health. Health above all, but first we must become informed!