G i f t  o f  t h e  A g e s

Gift of the Ages

The mineral comparison charts at the top of this page are just one of many similar examinations undertaken by Dr. Thomas J. Rice, chairman of the Earth & Soil Sciences Department of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. In one of the most significant soil and geological studies of a vineyard ever launched, Cal Poly invested thousands of hours in comprehensive trials and analyses resulting in research project papers authored by eleven graduates of Cal Poly.

The unusual combination of limestone, calcium montmorillonite, and igneous (volcanic) rock and the twenty-six soil types that compose the vineyard make the Carmody McKnight Vineyards the perfect natural laboratory for such vital research. This extraordinary convergence of soils, found nowhere else on earth, contributes to the most perfect environment known for grape growing and winemaking.

The above charts, prepared by the Soil Science Department of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, contrast nutrients in Chardonnay grape-must found in the Carmody McKnight Vineyards (top chart) with the most nutrients previously found in grapes, depicted in the bottom chart (Winkler et al, 1974).  Considering that the vineyard has never fertilized the soil in its 26 years, this result is nothing short of astonishing. 

This is the direct and scientifically gained evidence that Carmody McKnight Vineyards are the most natural and ideal example of sustainability in farming.  It is no wonder that in the last year alone, over three major groups of soil scientists, viticulturalists and geologists from the top universities have traveled to the vineyard from all over the world for special studies and symposiums.   

And in the last few months another profound discovery in this miracle vineyard!  LINK