Center of the Viticultural Universe

The photographs on these pages indicate some of the participants from international research tours encompassing special study and research projects at Carmody McKnight Vineyards.  Professors and students from the leading viticulture, geology and enology schools throughout the U.S. and Europe have attended.  


The above photo depicts fifty graduate students, prominent faculty members, viticulturalists from theSwiss School of Enology at Changins, as well universities in Italy, Russia, and France. 

The other photos on this page chronicle the activities of  groups such as The Professional Soil Scientists Association of California and the South Coast Geological Society's as well as other universities here and abroad conducting research at this unique vineyard. 

These prominent university and professional meetings (which continue) underscore the intense interest by the world's soil science community in Carmody McKnight's renowned confluence of soils and microclimates.  There has been more viticultural attention, study and research, employing advanced methodologies, than any vineyard in history.


In the above photo scientists from world renownd universities receive their first day oriention from Professor Tom Rice of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as they begin their research and studies at Carmody McKnight.

All this activity built upon a seminal study that was conducted for many years on Carmody McKnight Vineyards. The study correlated soil nutrients to flavors and confirming the process of minerals to taste perception -- the ultimate challenge of terroir.

Geologists, oenologists, and soil scientists  from several prominent universites in Europe arrive to begin a series of new research on soil nutrients and the impact on vine and fruii quality.  The grape vines at Carmody McKnight are on their own root and not grafted GMO vines which are almost universal in Europe and complicate if not negate the value and accuracy of natural nutrient soil studies.

The Project Title: Assessing the Relationship of Wine Quality to Soil Type: A joint project between Cal Poly Earth and Soil Sciences & Food Chemistry, Food Science, Nutrition, & Statistical Departments, John Deere Global Ag. Services, State of California, Earth Information Technologies Inc., Motorola. (LINK for further information.)

The International Research Continues!

(Paso Robles, CA)  June 5, 2011.  In the latest university studies centered on Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards & Winery a stunning discovery has occurred -- the discovery of a new “wonder soil" found nowhere else on the planet.  Over 25,000 USDA soil series reviews were conducted and not one single match was found.  The soil is yet to be named, but it is indeed wondrous with attributes unparalleled for the highest quality wine grape growing.  LINK