A r t  o f  t h e  V i n e y a r d



Carmody McKnight Vineyards Exemplify our Ideal.



The consummate vineyards of Carmody McKnight are known as the perfect vineyard in the perfect land.  Carmody McKnight Vineyards define the ideal.  We always start with the vineyard... for it is our inspiration; beautiful vineyards create beautiful wines... nature’s way.

The vineyard is the composition created by the composer.  The winemaker is our conductor.

The music will never be more sublime than the composition... the arrangement of the notes... the dignity of the earth.





The label images derive from paintings by Gary Carmody Conway. To see more of Gary's work visit â–º art of gary conway

Two images, on both the Chardonnay and Marian's Dream express the divine duality between earth and vine and the grand duet between the enlightened winemaker and mother nature.



We have a long history with Art of The Vineyard, but it was always about wine as an art form.  Many of the elements intrinsic to great art are discoverable in wine.


 Gallery of Creativity in Wine and Art







The paintings participating on the labels always depict the glorious vineyard and exciting to the senses both in color and divine patterns.

The paintings are ultimately always portraits of the vineyard ~ in fact, portraits of the very vineyards in which the wines derive... and on occassion ~ simply a portrait... like Marian's Dream.



The early labels (one depicted below) consistently featured the vineyard.  The vineyard is the colors on the palette for the winemaker.




Gary has been painting since the age of four.  His studio sits in the middle of a serene vineyard and olive grove awash in the clean, crisp light of California's Central Coast.


A recent painting of the land by Gary Carmody Conway.


And labels (only a fraction) for wine painted and designed by Gary:


And recent labels painted and designed for China: